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Virginia Horse Board Awards nearly $100k in Grants for 2015-2016


The Virginia Horse Industry Board (VHIB) recently reviewed all grant proposals that had been submitted for consideration for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.


The VHIB approved $98,269 for 14 projects for the coming year. This brings the total amount of grants the Board has awarded

to promote and advance the Virginia horse industry to more than $2 million.


The list of winners, the names of submitters and organizations they represent, and the total amount each project will receive are listed below.  Projects are also divided by category: Education, Marketing, and Research.


Education Grants


Virginia State 4-H Horse Show $5,000

Celeste Crisman, State 4-H Horse Show Committee  


Virginia 4-H EquiSmartz  $3,500
Celeste Crisman, VA Cooperative Extension 


VA Forage & Grasslands Council Educational Horse Events  $2,500

Carrie Swanson, VA Cooperative Extension/VFGC  


Western Dressage Series at Airfield  $500

Melvin Atkinson, Airfield 4-H Conference Center


Marketing Grants


VA Horse Council: Serving the Horse Industry Across VA  $33,500

Glen Ritchey, VHC 


A Calendar to Promote the Horse Industry in Virginia  $5,800

Deborah Easter, Virginia Thoroughbred Association


Marketing Virginia: American Paint Horse Association's 2016 Convention  $8,000
David Lands, VA Paint Horse Club 


PATH International 2016 Horse EXPO  $7,500

Kathy Alm, Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International


Research Grants


Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis(EPM) Identifying the Immune Response and the Role of Infection  $10,000

Sharon Witonsky, DVM, VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine  


Solubilized Extracellular Matrix for Improved Tendon Regeneration  $5,000

Linda Dahlgren, DVM, VA Tech                                           


Bone Metabolism Regulators in Equine Arthritis    $9,969

Christopher Byron, DVM, VA Tech  


Survey of Equine Demographics and Endocrine Disease Status on Horses Used for

Therapeutic Horsemanship Programs in Virginia  $2,500

Melinda Freckleton, DVM, Haymarket Veterinary Services  


Optimal Forage Concentrate Ratios for Protein Utilization & Hindgut Metabolism  $4,000  

Patricia Graham-Thiers, Ph.D., Emory & Henry College                                                                                    


Targeting New Deworming Strategies Towards Tomorrow’s Horse Industry Leaders  $500

Carrie Swanson, Virginia Cooperative Extension                                                                     



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