Virginia Horse Industry Board


 Each year, the Virginia Horse Industry Board  considers grant applications from individuals and organizations proposing projects in the areas of education, research and marketing. Activities of the Board are supported by the Virginia Horse Industry Promotion and Development Fund. Monies in the  fund are generated by an assessment of $1.50  on each Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins)  sample in the state. In addition, the Board receives funds from the Equine Feed Checkoff which is financed by fees paid by manufacturers of equine feed sold in Virginia.


The purpose of the Virginia Horse Board Grants Program is to develop the Virginia horse industry by supporting education, research and marketing activities.


Each year, VHIB will review and support efforts that address the promotion and economic development of the horse industry in Virginia as described in the Virginia Horse Industry Board’s strategic plan.  Grant projects will be considered in the areas of education, research, and marketing.


Projects will be evaluated for their value/benefit to the industry, degree of industry promotion, size and scope of activity, experience of project staff, financial need, cost effectiveness, financial co-sponsorship, potential for matching funds, and quality of the written presentation. 

The 2019 - 2020 Grant Cycle is now closed.  




First Quarter

Due October 15, 2020 by 5pm 

Second Quarter

Due January 15, 2020 by 5pm 

Third Quarter

Due April 15, 2020 by 5pm 



First Quarter

Due on May, 15 2020 by 5pm


(if grant activity has not concluded by May 15th, an extension may be requested)


Quarterly reports are required of all Virginia Horse Industry Board grant recipients. Grant reporting periods are First Quarter (July 1-September 30), Second Quarter (October 1 – December 31) and Third Quarter (January 1 – March 31).  A Fourth Quarter/Final Report will be required and can be filed at any time during the grant cycle in lieu of the quarterly report, if all grant activity has concluded.

Failure to file quarterly reports and/or a final report can result in termination of current funding and/or elimination from future grant consideration.

If you have any questions regarding the VHIB grants, please contact Heather Wheeler's email or call 804-786-5842.

2019-2020 Marketing Grant Recipients

  • Virginia Presidential Paso Fino Horse Association 

  • Virginia Certified Program

  • Ride the Rail or Ride the Trail

2019-2020 Education Grant Recipients
  • Virginia 4-H Teen Ambassador Program

  • Virginia 4-H EquiSmartz

  • Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad North American Police Equestrian Competition Happy Farm Happy Barn Workshop Series – Frying Pan Park

  • Ride With Pride   

  • Horse Learning Lab Kit – Washington County 4-H  

  • TRAV State-Wide Educational Workshops and Conferences

  • Books at the Barn – Hope’s Legacy

  • Equus Survival Trust Companion Workbook – Endangered Equine Conservation

  • Breeding Principles

  • Leadership Education for Virginia Junior Paint Horse Club Youth

  • Virginia Horse Council 2020 Education Seminar