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VA Horse Industry Board

About the Virginia Horse Industry Board

VHIB has awarded  over $2 million in grants to promote the horse industry in Virginia

In 1994 as the result of legislation and a statewide referendum the Virginia Horse Industry Board was founded and it operates through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to function as a commodity board for the development of the industry. The Virginia Horse Industry Board promotes and develops economic opportunities for the betterment of the horse industry in Virginia.

Board Members

Board Members

Kelly S. Foltman, DVM - Chair
Dunthorpe Farm Veterinary Services

Wayne Chatfield-Taylor
President, Virginia Thoroughbred Association
Front Royal

Suzanne Gonzales
President, Virginia Quarter Horse Association
Jimmy Lee
President, Virginia Horse Shows Association
Beth Sheely
Equitation Lecturer, Riding Program Instructor 
Virginia Tech
Ernest Oare
Floyd Barron
The Plains
Steve Escobar, DVM
President, Virginia Horse Council
Robert Banner
ACRE Investment Management
The Plains
Amy Moore
David Lands

photo by Jane Beck

Board Activities

The Board promotes the Virginia horse industry through a variety of activities and programs including:

  • Reviews grant proposals annually and considers projects in the areas of education, marketing, and research

  • Supports economic impact studies, educational seminars, and projects such as the Virginia State 4-H Horse Show

  • Supports research in key equine health areas such as lameness, obesity, nutrition, and respiratory diseases

  • Publishes free informational materials for adults, children, and youth leaders

Board Meetings

The Board meets 3-4 times a year at various locations around the state and meeting notices are published in advance in The Virginia Register. All meetings are open to the public. If you would like information on an upcoming meeting or directions, please contact the Virginia Horse Industry Board Office.

Funding of Board Programs

Activities of the Board are supported by funding from the Virginia Horse Industry Promotion and Development Fund and the Equine Feed Checkoff.  Promotion and Development Fund monies are generated from an assessment of $1.50 on each Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) Test performed in the state. Equine Feed Checkoff monies are generated from equine feed manufacturers who pay $3 per ton or 7 1/2 cents per 50-lb. bag of equine feed sold in Virginia. Monies collected in the Equine Feed Checkoff Fund are used solely for grants.

Board Membership

The Presidents of the Virginia Horse Council, the Virginia Thoroughbred Association, the Virginia Horse Shows Association, and the Virginia Quarter Horse Association sit on the twelve-member board. In addition, the Governor appoints members from nominations made by the horse industry from commercial or professional services within the industry and from other state breed and use organizations. Also serving on the Board are the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Horse Extension Specialist from Virginia Tech.

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