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Mission Statement

Virginia Horse Industry Board
Mission, Scope, and Strategic Plans

Mission Statement

The Virginia Horse Industry Board (VHIB) shall be responsible for promotion and economic development of Virginia's horse industry.

Strategic Plan

Scope/Strategic Plan

The Virginia Horse Industry is an important broad based, multi-faceted segment of state agriculture. To this end, this board dedicates all of its efforts to the betterment of the entire Virginia Horse Industry.

Industry Outlook

Industry Outlook

The horse industry is made up of many breeds, disciplines, interests, schools, and related businesses. There exists a need to collectively promote and develop this industry. There is a need to develop and implement the following: 


  • Accurate and ongoing database of this industry

  • Education and research to improve industry

  • Marketing of this industry.

Future Strategies
Future Strategies and Action Plans

Collect and Analyze Data on the Horse Industry

  • Develop short and long-term data collection methods.

  • Analyze data collected and develop action plans to best use this information to meet all strategies in support of our mission statement.


Produce and Promote Economic Impact Studies

  • Collect, produce, and distribute economic impact reports that generate interest in the Virginia Horse Industry.

  • Produce mass media and specific target audience reports, bulletins, fact sheets, and news releases to build industry support.

  • Develop short and long-term marketing plans to promote the Virginia Horse Industry

  • Promote the economic impact of horse-related employment

  • Promote the family-oriented recreational side of the industry through youth development and family values.

  • Promote the impact on the agriculture economy through breeding, training, showing and racing.

  • Promote the benefits of "green space" and the importance of retaining Virginia's rural heritage.

  • Promote the entertainment and recreational benefits of horse events.

  • Promote the historical significance of the horse industry in Virginia.


Promote and Assist Educational Programs

  • Develop and implement plans to support, promote, and publicize educational programs for continuing education of all members of the horse industry.

  • Prioritize these plans as to immediate needs.

  • Develop and implement plans to support education of horse industry leaders to be effective spokespersons of the Virginia horse industry.


Promote and Support Equine Research in Virginia

  • Compile, analyze and make recommendations on the research needs of the Virginia horse industry.

  • Promote, develop and support research to: Improve efficiency, management and profitability of the industry; improve the well being, performance, and health of the horse; make recommendations and support procurement of funding for research.


Utilize the VHIB's Annual Budget to Meet Our Mission Statement

  • Develop and implement a yearly budget.

  • Develop and prioritize long term revenue needs for VHIB.

  • Explore and implement alternative funding sources for VHIB to fulfill its mission.


Communicate to the Horse Industry the Plans and Progress of the Virginia Horse Industry Board

  • Develop and implement an effective information exchange system between the board and the horse industry.

  • Monitor and evaluate progress of VHIB's execution of its strategic plan.

  • Produce and disseminate progress reports, news releases, announcements and direct mailings concerning VHIB activities.

  • Solicit and respond to questions about the VHIB and all of its activities.

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