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Virginia Horse Industry Board

Virginia Bred Program

The Virginia Horse Industry Board’s (VHIB) mission is the promotion and economic development of the Virginia equine industry. To that end, and in an effort to recognize quality horse breeding (i.e., horses foaled in the Commonwealth), the Virginia Horse Industry Board has instituted a "Virginia Bred" Program. 

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Final Report Due  December 1, 2020  5PM

Background & Intent of Program

In an effort to recognize quality horse breeding in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Horse Industry Board has instituted a “Virginia Bred” Program. This program has its own application process and deadlines. Monies will be awarded to the breed associations. No monies will be awarded directly to breeders or owners. The program will operate on an annual basis and all applicants must complete the application.


Breed associations and discipline organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia that demonstrate the skills and ability to conduct a viable program to promote Virginia horses—through competitive activities and futurities are eligible to participate in the program. Associations must also be a recognized chapter of their specific breed or discipline as approved by their national associations. Associations should also be registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. 


Applicants must demonstrate a proven ability and experience to carry out elements of the proposed project.  Those applicants proposing to rely on the expertise of another individual or organization to undertake any part of the project must clearly define the responsibilities of the party and provide evidence of that party’s ability to achieve that area of responsibility.

Further Project Clarification

These grants are not small business loans for setting up or financing individual businesses.  Such loans are available from the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

Monies will not be awarded for:

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Salaries

  • Equipment

  • Any Type of Construction Project

  • Overhead or Indirect Costs

Awarding of Monies & Terms of Grant

Breed associations and discipline organizations will be notified after the Board makes its decision.  Once the Board selects recipients, all applicants will be notified of their grant status.  Those selected for funding will receive an award letter that sets forth pertinent information about the award. 

Contact Information

Heather Wheeler, Virginia Horse Industry Board Program Manager

Phone (804)786-5842


102 Governor Street

Richmond, VA 23219

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