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The Virginia State Fair 2014

The Virginia Paint Horse Club brought 2 Paint Horses for their designated day at the Fair. Shown are Snowman, a 7-year-old gelding, and Gracie, a 2-year-old filly, both American Paint Horse Association registered horses  owned by David and Carol Lands. In addition to David and Carol,  Kendall Lands and Vicki Majewski Simmons, all members of the Virginia Paint Horse Club, assisted visitors in learning more about horses in general, and Paint Horses, in particular.

Some 238,000 people attended the recent State Fair of Virginia at  Meadow

Event Park in Doswell and a good percentage of those attendees visited the Virginia Horse

Industry Board breed exhibition paddock near the Secretariat barns.


Groups including the Virginia Paint Horse Club, the Virginia Quarter Horse Association, the Old Dominion Morgan Horse Association, the Old Dominion Rocky Mountain Horse Association and Dream Catchers Therapeutic Riding Program brought horses representing different breeds on designated days of the Fair. Questions were answered including details on each breed of horse such as their names and ages and educational information. Giveaway items were provided to kids and adults alike. Many of the horses were even captured in “selfies!”


Many thanks to all the horse group representatives who gave of their time to make the VHIB breed booth a success, and thanks also to the State Fair for this great opportunity to promote Virginia’s horses!

Ellie by Invitation had a lot of visitors at the Virginia Horse Industry Board booth and paddock at the State Fair. Ellie is an 8-year-old American Quarter Horse Association registered mare, owned by Tina and Mike Stoher.  Tina and Mike, and Clarence and Sandy Green, all members of the Virginia Quarter Horse Association, staffed the booth and answered questions about Ellie and American Quarter Horses.

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